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Appliance Control
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Appliance Control

Take control!

Examples of appliances which can be automated include your geyser, sprinklers, pool, jacuzzi, garage, gates, coffee machine, curtains, blinds and projector screen.


Get your geyser a brain, Water heating makes up 40%  of energy costs in the home. Only have your geyser switching on and off when you’re home, or at certain times of the day when you need it.

Stop energy guzzling where it counts most- geysers!

Why not automate the most frequently used curtains and blinds in your home. This keeps them cleaner for longer, and preserves the life of your curtains and blinds.  Once automated the window coverings can be linked up to your home automation system, so that they can be opened or closed automatically, depending on the time of day, or any other conditions you set.

Examples of how this can help you:

  • Your curtains can be opened in the morning to let in the early morning light.
  • When the home automation system senses the temperature in your home is too high it can close all window coverings keeping your home cool and saving you energy.
  • When it gets dark your curtains and blinds can automatically close to ensure your privacy and safety.

No more touching your expensive curtains, keeping them clean so they last longer.

Sprinkler Automation

Water is a scarce resource and water management is key to ensuring the future of the planet. Automating , your domestic irrigation system allows you to optimistic water usage, so you only use it when you need to!

Garage Door / Gate Integration

Integrate your entrances into home automation system so you can see the status of garage / gates: i.e. open and closed from anywhere in the house, and operate them via remote control or touch screens, giving you extra convenience and security.