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It’s a partnership


The discerning home buyer of today is looking for value when purchasing a new home, especially when buying in a development.  It has been proven in overseas markets, like the USA, that houses with Home Automation and/or Distributed Audio sell more easily than comparably priced houses without. The real benefit comes from planning the installation before building is complete, as there are many savings to be made.

We offer various packages for Home Automation, Distributed Audio, Security, CCTV, etc – and these can be offered to the home buyer at the planning stage of the development at a significantly discounted rate, offering real value to the purchaser. To make real savings, we do need to be involved at the design stage.


If you have clients requesting home automation, or you would like to integrate home automation features as part of your design for specific clients, or for your business in general – consult with us to achieve this.  There are specific things to take into account in the design stage, we can assist you in taking these into account at an early stage to save your client money and future proof the home – so future technologies can be added at a later stage to future proof the house.

Interior Designers

If you have clients interested in automating their homes, we can help you seamlessly integrate the best automation solution as per the requirements of your Client, while following your design vision, and ensuring the technology is seamlessly integrated and does not interfere with any design aesthetics.