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Climate Control
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Climate Control

It’s always comfortable, that’s cool

Home Automation controllers can control Ducted Air Conditioning units, the controller can automatically "turn down" your air conditioner when you are not home. This saves you energy and money. The air conditionier can be controlled remotely via cellphone, or web access, allowing pre-cooling or heating of your home before you get there!

Ducted Air Conditioner Systems can be integrated into your home automation system. This allows the temperature to be setback when you arm the security system to away mode. Then, return the set point to normal when you disarm the system, i.e. ensuring an empty house is not cooled or heated unnecessarily.

In the summer time, turn off the aircon if a window is opened, and back on when all windows are closed. Create different zones in your home so you only heat and cool occupied parts of the home. You decide how much or how little integration is implemented depending on your needs.

Finally, a phone interface allows you to call into the system, hear the temperature of each thermostat and change the setpoint of each thermostat. So you can pre-cool your house before returning home from your weekend away, or turn off the aircon in your holiday home once you have left!