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Living made easy!

In an automated home the following scenarios, and more, are possible:

By pressing one button on your touch screen next to your bed, all the interior lights turn off, the security system arms to “Night”, the garage door closes, security lights are switched on outside, all the AV components in the house shut down.

In the morning, at a set time, your bedroom lights slowly brighten over 5 minutes, your favourite music plays over the whole house audio system, the alarm is switched OFF, and the coffee machine is turned ON.

When you return home and it is dark, one press of your remote disarms the alarm, switches ON all the house lights (no more coming home to a dark house), and plays your favourite music throughout the house.

Control the temperature of any room in the house via your remote, or use your phone/internet to turn on the air-con remotely before you get home to ensure a cool home on your arrival.

Use a Wi-Fi enabled laptop,iphone or ipad, to monitor and control devices from anywhere in the home, even when you are not at home.

“Today convenience is the success factor of just about every type of product and service that is showing steady growth.”


Charles G. Mortimer