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Energy Management
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Energy Management

Start saving!

A major local trend is electricity conservation.  With the increasing price of electricity people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of saving electricity.  Home Automation has an easy solution!  Your geyser can be turned off during the day when not in use to conserve electricity.   If you are on holiday (i.e. your security system is armed to “Vacation”) un-needed appliances (geysers, air conditioners etc.) can be switched off to save electricity. These can be turned on via telephone access while you are returning home to ensure a hot bath & cool house awaits you.  You save on air conditioner as when you leave the house and set the alarm – you can set back to turn off the air conditioners.  Lighting can be controlled by motion sensors so they only come on when you need them.  Another way of saving on your lights is by reducing the maximum on level of your lighting (ie to 80 instead of 100%) – this saves you electricity and your bulbs last longer.  Automated blinds can be set to warm up the house in winter and cool the house in summer.

"We believe energy efficiency-focused technology innovation is key to addressing the significant impact that this growing energy use will have both on today's businesses and our environment."


Andrew Fanara