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Frequently asked questions

What is a home control system, a smart home system, or a home automation     system?

A Home automation system is more than one-dimensional lighting control or a multi-room music solution. It's a cost-effective and convenient way to consolidate control of all the electronics and systems in your home. With IntelloHOME you get a customizable and scalable control system, for one-room one-element control to whole-home integrated control.

Why should I choose IntelloHOME?

IntelloHOME is not linked to any one technology and equipment supplier, and will offer you a range of solutions highlighting the most appropriate for your application. The most important part of our installation is ensuring that your needs are met by installing the most cost effective, user friendly equipment available on the market today.

I've heard that Home automation can help me save energy but how?

The total control over your home's energy-consuming devices (lights, TVs, anything that gets plugged in, etc.) provided by IntelloHOME allows you to more easily control how much energy is being used, by what, and when. For example, you can set your lights to come on at 90% instead of 100%, saving energy without sacrificing light or visibility. The possibilities for saving energy are virtually limitless when you have the total control provided by IntelloHOME. Talk to us for ideas on how you can go green.


Do I have to use my TV as the interface to select music, listen to the radio, control     my lights, etc?

No. Your TV interface is just one of a variety of interfaces you can use with your IntelloHOME system. You can also use a System Remote Control to manage functions using on on-screen TV navigator, or a simplified list on the remote itself! You can also in-wall keypads, graphical Touch Screens that are portable, in-wall or sit on a table, nightstand or countertop.


Can I watch different sources (TV, DVDs, etc.) on different TVs at the same time in     my home ?

Yes! Depending on the way you design your system you could watch a different source on every TV in your home.


Can I listen to different audio sources (CDs, MP3s, Radio, etc.) in different rooms     in my home at the same time ?

Absolutely. You can design your home automation system to create a robust multi-room music solution making it convenient and easy to play different music in any or all rooms of the house. Of course, with an IntelloHOME system, you can also add other functionality to control lights, temperature and security with ease.


Can I use a remote or touch panel to control other rooms/systems from the room     that I am in?

The short answer here is absolutely yes! With an IntelloHOME system, you can control every room in your house no matter which room you happen to be in. You can even control these rooms when you are away from home using the internet-based service.


My house is fairly old but I am interested in getting a Home automation system. Is     there a way to do this without remodeling my whole home?

Definitely. One of the unique features of IntelloHOME products is that it uses both wired and wireless technology, making it just as simple to install in older homes as it is to install in new homes.


I saw an automation system in a hotel recently. Can I get a similar system for my     home?

Yes! Contact us and we will help you plan out a system that meets your needs and your budget.