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Home Theatre
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Home Theatre

Entertainment with style

Home entertainment is evolving everyday with the advent of new technologies. Home cinemas are state of the art living areas. Currently home theatres range from cosy family rooms to lavish home cinemas – depending on how that person or family prefers to relax, or entertain. A home theatre needn’t be a room totally dedicated to home cinema, it can be the creation of a BIG SCREEN effect in your lounge, just by getting the layout and acoustics right.

We are trained and specialised in developing customised technical strategies for each room, to ensure optimal sound performance and viewing experience. Investing in a good quality television and speakers is key – and we can advise you on which brands will offer you the best solution.

Room set up and layout is critical, to minimise the impact of high and low frequencies in the room, and achieve optimal listening performance and acoustic balance. Every room can be improved with intelligently-applied acoustic treatments. Controlling the bass is likely to make the biggest improvement in the room’s listening performance, reducing resonance and vibration. The key is to achieve acoustic balance within the room.
Lighting is also key. You should try to block out as much external light as possible, for the best viewing experience. Integrating automated blinds and curtains into your home cinema, or mixed-use room, streamlines the experience. At the press of a button you can adjust the lighting, close the blinds, lower the screen, turn on the projector and amplifier, and begin playing the latest blockbuster from your media server.

Seating is also an important aspect to consider and we can advise you on the latest options available. Seating creates the look and feel of the room, and is up to the individual to choose. Options vary and range from cinema style chairs to replicate a true cinema experience, in a dedicated home cinema; to the use of traditional lounge seats, for seamless integration of the cinema into a mixed-use lounge area. There is an endless choice of décor options available.

Experienced and trained IntelloHOME consultants will advise you on the latest home theatre components available on the market, and which would best suit your application. IntelloHOME has CEDIA accreditation. CEDIA is the global Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association and exists to ensure that installers are trained to internationally accepted standard. Find us on CEDIA.

Ask us about THX Certification. Find out more about speakers and TVs.