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Lighting control systems allow you to automate your lights to come on when you are not home, set lighting scenes from the touch of a single light button, control lights and devices from any switch in the home and much more.

Lighting control systems allow a central controller to operate the house lights. Allowing automatic control of lights or control under your command be it locally or remotely. This allows the controller or user to create scenes, increases security & convenience, and can also save you energy.

An automated lighting system provides the following benefits:

  • Scheduled lighting according to Sunrise & Sunset
  • Security lights on at dusk and off at dawn
  • One button can arm your security system and can turn off all lights and appliances in and around your house when you go out
  • Lighting sequences can be created and automatically initiated to give your house a “lived in look” when you are away
  • Lights turn on automatically when you enter a room
  • Lights can be set to flash in the event of a burglary

All of the above can be installed in new and existing homes.

Below you can find recent works we realised that include Lighting Solutions.

>  Hawaan Estate, Umhlanga,     KZN

Full home automation of a brand new build, with Apple Interface Integration.

>  Izinga Ridge, KZN

Full Home Automation, with Mixed-use Home Cinema & Motorised Curtains

>  Simbithi Estate, KZN

Full Home Automation, with Mixed-use Home Cinema.

>  Altech Pty Ltd,     Johannesburg

Unique semi-industrial Installation, in a new Multi-Choice Testing Station.