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Share the connection!

If you have more than one computer in your home or office you would have come across the problem of sharing your internet connection, printer, or files with other users or computers. We can help you plan your wired or wireless network to ensure maximum access to all devices in the home. No need for more than one printer, scanner, fax, or internet connection.

Networking Services offered include:

  • Supply and installation of wired and/or wireless networks
  • Supply and install ADSL or dial-up internet connection
  • Sharing your Internet connection between all PC's in the home
  • Sharing your printer on your network
  • View CCTV cameras on any PC or TV in the house
  • Monitor and control your home from any PC in the house or any internet connection in the world
Wireless networks

Wireless networks allow you the freedom of accessing your network or the internet, while you move around the home, without having to run wires.

A correctly setup wireless network will allow you to access your network from anywhere in and around the house with out having to plug in your PC. This gives you endless possibilities especially if you have a home office and would also like to do work in other parts of the house without untidy, unsafe wires running everywhere.

Wireless networks are also much cheaper than running multiple network points around your home or office. Get untangled now!