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Peace of mind!

In an automated home the following scenarios, and more, are possible:

When a burglar activates your alarm the Home Automation System contacts your monitoring company, flashes all the lights in your house disorienting the burglar and showing the armed response which house needs attention, and calls you (or any other 6 people) to let you know that your alarm is going off.

When you are not home (i.e. your security system is “Armed”) the system will turn on your outside lights when it gets dark, turn on inside lights at varying times, and turn on your T.V. making your house look and sound like it is occupied.

Use the internet or any phone to access your home remotely to check the status of or control devices in your home. You left home and forgot to arm the alarm system, just log into your home from the internet or any phone and arm the alarm using your access password.

Log the operation of any device in the house i.e. when the phone was used, what time the electricity went off, when the gate was opened, what time the alarm was set off, who disarmed the alarm, when was the last time someone was in the office.  It just doesn’t tell you if your kids have done their homework or not!

Have the Home Automation System phone you when an event occurs, i.e. the electricity is off for more than ½ an hour, the domestic help does not arm the alarm, someone has left the pool gate open, your property gate has been left open, or any other event that you would like to be notified about

Give your domestic worker a unique alarm code that only works during certain times of the day and on certain days of the week. All alarm operations are logged so you can see when the helpers arrived and left.

Holiday homes are great candidates for Home Automation.  Home Automation Systems allow you to do the following remotely (i.e. via a phone or the internet): - arm your alarm system, receive notification of an alarm event, switch devices like, lights, pool pump, geysers, air conditioners on or off, remote monitoring via CCTV.

"It is the risk element which ensures security. Risk brings out the ingenuity and resourcefulness which insure success."


Robert Rawls