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Your home is secure, so are you!

Want to feel safe when you are home, and not worry about your home when you are away? Give your home the “lived in” look, even though you are away! Security systems will notify you and/or your security monitoring company in the event of a burglary or an undesirable event taking place at your home.

Alarm Integration

Some of the benefits of alarm integration into your home automation system are:

  • Lights can be turned ON/OFF after dark ensuring the house is always lit.
  • Lights can be set to flash on and off when the alarm is tripped disorientating the burglar and attracting the neighbours and monitoring company's attention to your house.

Alarm system motion detectors can be used to switch on toilet lights each time you enter if it is dark. The system will shut off the lights automatically after a set time, saving you energy.

While in NIGHT mode, the motion detectors can be used for automation purposes, such as turning on lights to a dimmed level in the kitchen if someone gets up in the middle of the night for a glass of juice. Armed in AWAY mode the system can give your house a lived-in look by turning on and off various lights after dark. This pattern can be varied randomly from day to day so that someone watching the house will never see the same pattern of lighting.

Arming the alarm system (eg. to “Day”, “Night”, or “Vacation” ) can trigger a series of events, for example: Arm Night triggers the all lights off command, turning all the house lights off and the security lights on, it also bypasses the zones that are still occupied at night, and makes sure that the garage is closed. Arm Vacation triggers a lighting scene that makes the house looked lived in after dark and also turns off the unnecessary appliances like geysers, heaters and air-cons.


CCTV or Camera Surveillance Systems allow you to view, record, or remotely view the goings on at your home or business. CCTV can be integrated into your home automation system allowing you to start recording based on any event occurring in your home.

Integrated camera surveillance systems allow you to monitor any area of your house or office on any T.V., touch screen, PC or display in the house. These systems can be connected to a PC based recording system or to a standard DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allowing you to store weeks of recorded video. The recording system can be set up to record on motion detection, saving space on your storage device and also allowing for easier reviewing at a later date.

Infra Red (IR) enabled cameras allow the system to capture images in very low light conditions ensuring that you capture the event regardless of the time of day or lighting.

Some examples of how the system can be used:

  • Monitor the baby in the nursery from a dedicated monitor in the kitchen or from any T.V. in the house.
  • Add a camera to the entrance of your property to screen your visitors.
  • Install cameras to protect your property. Connect them to a DVR for 24/7 recording with no tapes to change.
  • Have the system call or e-mail you when motion is detected by any camera.
  • Log into the system from a remote location and view live video or recorded video.
  • Add cameras outside to watch your children at play.

Below you can find recent works we realised that include Security Solutions.

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Basic Home Automation – Lighting and Security Systems

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The brief from the client was for a fully automated home, with a focus on security.