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From concept to completion

IntelloHOME offers technology integration solutions for new and existing homes, and is also involved in larger developments working with local developers and architects.

Consulting & Project Management

Don't want to be bothered with the technology details and decisions for your new home? Then Don't! Let us be your single point of contact for all the technology related items. Tell us your needs and we will manage all the details, from choosing the proper technology, to scheduling, to staying on time and budget.


Let us help you design a system that is exactly right for your budget and your lifestyle. Explain to us how you live, what you want to be able to do, your budget, and we will design a system that is right for your needs. If you are not sure of your budget? No problem, we will give you some system options and then you can pick the one that best suits your needs.


Our services range from simple running of wires to full house system integration. Some examples of the services that we provide are listed below:

  • Running wires
  • Terminating wires (attaching each wire to a wall plate, punch-down block, or source equipment)
  • Installation of home automation components
  • Installation of volume controls and speakers
  • Installation of cameras and viewing/recording equipment
  • Installation of networking hardware
  • Installation of video distribution hardware
  • Installation of security systems
  • Connecting all components in an A/V installation
  • And MORE...

Most home technology systems need to be configured to work optimally and to your specific requirements. We configure our systems exactly to the client’s needs, with most of the systems that we install having a remote configuration option allowing us to update or change your systems’ configuration without coming to your home. Saving time and money.


Knowing how to use your new system and control your home is of course, the key!
We provide full training on how to maximise use of your customised system, as well as relevant manuals on all your system components.