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User Interfaces

You can touch this!

From basic universal remote controls, to more advanced remotes with touch screen interfaces, we can help even the most technically challenged gain effortless control of all the remote controlled devices in the home.

Home Automation is the process of linking all of your home’s technologies/appliances so that they work in unison. No more having twelve remotes lying around the house, and not knowing which works what! Universal Remote Controls allow you to pack away all your remotes and gain control from one easy to use remote. These remotes can even be touch screen enabled with easy to follow pictorial guides.

Macro’s (sequences of buttons) can be used to turn off all your equipment with the touch of one button, one press and everything is switched off, and you can go off to bed.

These remotes also let you hide your Audio Visual equipment in your furniture because you can control your equipment remotely and doesn’t have to be line of sight. Leaving your lounge clutter free and chic!

The I-pad is the hottest user interface at the moment. Why not use it to control your whole house? Lights, camera, action!