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Video Distribution
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Video Distribution

Movies anywhere

Video Distribution systems allow you to view any of your video sources (DStv, DVD, CCTV etc.) on any TV in the house, independently of one another. No more fighting over who gets to watch their favourite program.

Most homes have more than one video source (DStv1, DStv2, DVD, Media Server, CCTV etc.), and more than one TV/LCD/Plasma to watch these videos sources on.

Video Distribution systems allow you to distribute these video signals to the many TV's/LCDs/Plasmas that you have in your home, with each display being able to independently watch any one of the video sources.

Video distribution can come in the form of simple distribution using Radio Frequency (RF) signals through Coax Cable using modulators, to more complex video distribution of high definition (HD) video signals.

With High Definition DVDs and Blue Ray Disks becoming more popular and High Definition TV now available, high definition video signals need to be distributed in most homes.

Below you can find recent works we realised that include Video Distribution Solutions.

>  Zimbali, KZN

The brief from the Architect was to get the maximum functionality and features out of the available budget