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Whole House Audio
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Whole House Audio

It's all about the sound

Whole house audio allows you to distribute your music throughout the entire house, even to patios outside. You can listen to different music in each room, or play all your favourites from your Media Server throughout the whole house for a real Party! Whole-house audio systems distribute music from central servers or HiFi's throughout your home and can even distribute music to outside entertainment areas. 

Single-Source whole house audio systems allow you to distribute a single music source (eg CD or Radio) throughout your house. Each room or “Zone” can be individually controlled allowing each member of the family to have their music ON or OFF, or at their desired set volume. You can put your house in “Party” mode where the same music is played in every room of the house! 

Multi-Source whole house audio systems allow you to have multiple music sources distributed to multiple zones (or rooms) in the house. A Multi-Source system could have the following sources supplied: CD, i-Pod, Media Server, DSTV, Radio, Satellite Radio.  This system would then allow each “Zone” (or room) to listen to their choice of music source independently of the other zones.

For example, Mom can be listening to the radio in the kitchen, while Dad listens to his favourite music collection from the media server in the garage. At the same time little Johnny is listening to Parlotones from his i-Pod in his bedroom. All of the family members can listen to their choice of music source without affecting one another.

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