Amazing Home Cinema Complete!

Amazing Home Cinema Complete!

We were contacted by a client in Ghana who was looking for a very high end cinema with 6 seats. It was very early in the project and the room was still a shell. They are very discerning clients and wanted only the best.

We did various 3D renders of the room with some options for the final design and layout of the room. Once the client had decided what they wanted we went to work on the design and equipment list. We supplied a few options for equipment and finally decided on Steinway Lyngdorf for the amplifiers and speakers. Steinway Lyngdorf is a very high end cinema and HiFi equipment with amazing performance.

Due to the size of the room we went for a 5.2 channel surround sound setup with 5 channels of surround speakers and 2 sub-woofers. Using the model S Steinway Lyngdorf speakers and the Steinway Lyngdorf amplifiers which supply 400W of power per channel we certainly had more than enough power to fill the room and have reference level audio at every seat in the room.

That amount of power in the room needs to be controlled so we did a acoustic design and applied acoustic panels around 90% of the room to absorb the reflected sound and improve the overall sound in the room.

For the video we went with the 4k JVC projector onto a 120" Steward Filmscreens Fire Hawk fixed frame screen. Both giving amazing performance and incredible picture brightness and quality.

For ease of use we installed a home automation or smart home controller in the room to allow all the equipment to be controlled using one easy to use Control4 SR260 remote control (we have since upgraded to the new Neeo touch screen remote control). Lighting automation completed the cinema feel with lighting slowly dimming when you start a movie and foot lighting coming on any time you pause a movie.

The final result was amazing! The client was over the moon with the performance and aesthetics of the cinema.


Kofi, Accra Ghana


16 January 2016


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